The European Commission has integrated its various educational and training initiatives under a single umbrella, the Lifelong Learning Programme. Totnes European School has been involved with two of these initiatives since their inception:

Leonardo da Vinci Mobility Programmes (for vocational education and training)

Erasmus Mobility Programmes (for higher education)


The Leonardo da Vinci programme focuses on the teaching and training needs of those involved in vocational education and training. It aims to establish and strengthen the competitiveness of the European labour market by helping European citizens to acquire new skills, knowledge and qualifications and have them recognised across borders.

The Programme is aimed particularly at trainees in initial vocational training and professionals in vocational education and training.


Erasmus emphasises mobility for students and staff in higher education.

Erasmus provides exposure to different cultures and the opportunities for those involved in higher education to develop skills in their particular field of interest.

Totnes European School has organised Leonardo and Erasmus programmes for over 10 years, and has an excellent reputation.

References are available to bona fide institutions from our partners. The School is well versed in the requirements of these programmes and has run many successful programmes in cooperation with European partners.

We understand the regulations, the funding and the administrative requirements.

Example of typical programmes:

1 week of English Language tuition and
4 weeks of work experience
2 weeks of English language tuition and
11 weeks of work experience.

There is a choice of General English (15 hours per week) or General + Intensive English (20 hours per week). Costs for all programmes vary according to the number of participants, the period of English language training and the number of weeks of work placements.

We can liaise with you to build a programme to suit your needs. Please contact us for further information and prices.

email: 4 Birdwood Court, Totnes, TQ9 5SG Tel: 0044-(0)-1803-868123