REGISTRATION FEE (including bank charges) £65.00
ACCOMMODATION FINDING FEE for the English course £50.00
ACCOMMODATION FINDING FEE for a Work Experience placement £50.00
GENERAL ENGLISH (15 hours) Cost per week £200.00
GENERAL ENGLISH +INTENSIVE ENGLISH (20 hours) Cost per week £260.00
GENERAL ENGLISH + ONE TO ONE (17.5 hours) Cost per week £300.00
GENERAL ENGLISH + ONE TO ONE (20 hours) Cost per week £350.00
CAMBRIDGE EXAM PREPARATION (15 hours)Cost per week  £275.00
Taken with a 12 week or longer English Course FREE
Taken with a 8 - 11 week English Course £150.00
Taken with a 5 - 7 week English Course £300.00
Taken with a 1 - 4 week English Course £500.00
Taken without an English Course £695.00
Half board accommodation in Totnes and surronding towns (Host family) Cost per week £94.50
Accommodation other locations outside the South West (Excluding London). Cost per week £110 - £135
Weekly social activity £10.00 approximately
Examination fees - FCE / CAE / IELTS   £130 - £155 approximately


• Complete the application form and ensure that you sign the bottom of the final page.
• Send the form back to us by fax, e-mail or post.
• When you return the application form, you will need to send us a registration fee of £65.00
(This is non refundable—see Terms & Conditions). This can be paid by bank transfer as below or by cheque made payable to: S.E.L.S.A.C.S. Ltd.
• On receipt of your application form and registration fee an invoice will be sent to you.
• All fees are to be paid in full four weeks before the start of your course.
• Relevant information about your course will be sent to you in advance.
• Your accommodation will start the day before your course (Sunday) and will end the day after your course finishes (Saturday). Details of your accommodation will be sent to you in advance of your arrival.




PAYMENT All fees are to be paid in full four weeks before the start of the course. The date is given on your invoice.

CANCELLATION All cancellations must be made in writing to TES (Totnes European School).

If between 2 to 4 weeks notice of cancellation is given, a charge of 20% of the
programme price is made plus £65.00 registration fee (including bank charges) to cover cancellation procedures and charges. If less than 2 weeks notice of cancellation is given, no refund can be made. TES reserves the right to cancel any course up to 2 weeks before its commencement if the minimum student numbers for the course are not met. Under such circumstances any payments made to TES by the student (including registration fee) will be refunded in full.

NON-ARRIVAL Late cancellation must be made by telephone and in writing before 1600 UK time on the Friday before the course/ placement commencement date.

CURTAILMENT OF COURSES/PLACEMENTS Students who decide not to finish a course or work placement are not entitled to a tuition/ placement fee refund.
Accommodation fees will normally be refunded except for the first two weeks of the cancelled dates.

AVAILABILITY OF COURSES If no course is available at a suitable level students will be offered one to one classes at reduced hours: 20 hours --> 15 hours and 15 hours --> 121⁄2 hours at the original price.

COMPLAINTS PROCEDURES Please see student handbook for full details.

INSURANCE All students must have full health and travel insurance for the duration of their English course and work placement. During their work placement students will be covered by employer’s liability insurance, however we suggest that students also take out their own working insurance in addition. S.E.L.S.A.C.S. Ltd. does not accept liability for personal injury of any participant, howsoever caused. S.E.L.S.A.C.S. Ltd. does not accept liability for the loss or damage of any property belonging to or travelling with any participant. S.E.L.S.A.C.S. Ltd. does not accept any responsibility for losses or additional expenses owing to delays or alterations in travel services, weather, sickness, strikes or any other causes. S.E.L.S.A.C.S.’ liability is limited to the contract amount. No third party or consequential liabilities are accepted.

WORK EXPERIENCE PLACEMENTS Work Experience placements are conditional upon the student having an adequate capability in the English Language and a
professional attitude towards the placement. S.E.L.S.A.C.S. Ltd. can take no
responsibility for the unsuitability of such a placement if the student does not have a satisfactory capability in the English language and/ or required aptitude for the

UK PUBLIC HOLIDAYS The school is closed on all UK public holidays. Students will not be charged for tuition on these days.

ACCOMMODATION If necessary, students may have to share a bedroom with a member of the same sex during their stay.

AGE If students are UNDER 18, their parents must have given their permission for their son/ daughter to attend TES. TES provides additional support for under 18’s in accordance with British Council guidelines.

DATA PROTECTION All information exchanged between TES and its students
regarding accommodation and work placements is confidential.

EXAMS TES will advise students not to enter Cambridge exams if we think their level is not sufficient.

All students must abide by the school rules and regulations stated in the student handbook. I have read and understood the terms and conditions printed on this form. These terms are made under English law.

email: info@totneseuropeanschool.co.uk 4 Birdwood Court, Totnes, TQ9 5SG Tel: 0044-(0)-1803-868123