Image of our students.


To organise successful programmes for students, Totnes European School liaises carefully with agents, accommodation providers and work providers to provide an excellent service to all those involved.

Totnes European School aims to provide a rapid response to all enquiries and maintains an efficient working relationship with all our partners.

If you are interested in information about working with us, please contact the school and we would welcome the opportunity to discuss this further.



Why send your students to London, Cambridge, Brighton or other such destinations?

All of these cities currently host a huge number of students of your nationality which is not good for the development of their English language.

Why not consider sending them to a friendly and beautiful part of the U.K. where they will be in small classes with personal attention? We provide all these things - and generally at a lower cost.

We are always pleased to hear from experienced and reliable agents regarding representation for our programmes.

If you are interested in acting as our agent please contact us for further information.