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Why should I take IELTS?

• Prove your English language skills
• Gain worldwide recognition for study, work and immigration
• Choose from a range of test dates and locations across the world
• Decide on a module to match your goal
• Get a meaningful, international result
• Gain the ability to study in English-speaking universities

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This is a 5 day course designed to give you an overview of the exam format and provide you with effective exam techniques and strategies. In order to get the most out of the course you should have a good intermediate level of English (B1) or above.

You will be able to take a practice test and your teachers will offer guidance and feedback on your performance.

Our teachers are extremely professional and have a lot of experience with the IELTS exam. A self-study room is available in the afternoons.

Courses start in January 2017 and will run once a month in the week immediately before the exam.



IELTS Exam Course Dates

16th – 20th January
27th February – 3rd March
3rd – 7th April
8th – 12th May
12th – 16th June
24th – 28th July
14th – 18th August
4th – 8th September
9th – 13th October
6th – 10th November

There are two formats to the IELTS exam; General Training and Academic. You will need to inform us which exam you intend to take, so we know which exam to enter you into. General Training IELTS is more focused on vocational training - ordinarily used to further career advancement in the UK or in English-speaking positions. Academic IELTS is more focused on educational advancement and is often used to prove English skills to educational institutions.

Please note that exam dates can get very busy, especially in spring & summer, and even if you book 8 weeks in advance the exam date may be fully booked. In these cases, the course will not run. We therefore recommend you book as early as possible.

This IELTS preparation course is not designed to improve your level of general English but will focus on the techniques needed to enable you to perform at your best in the exam.

Minimum class size: 2 students

Maximum class size: 6 students

2017 exam fee: £165.00